Data Migration Monday at 11 EST Dale Arntson 13 Dec 2020 02:45 EST

Hi all,

This Monday at 11 EST will be our last Data migration for this year.
Most people will be off, myself included, for the rest of the holiday
season. This week we had a brief discussion on slack about the problems
associated with prioritizing bulk API development based solely on
institutional ranking, namely that it will never happen. The PC Exec
committee said that they might willing to look at a request from us to
prioritize bulk API development based on other criteria as well, such as
a role in infrastructure enhancement. At this meeting, I thought we
could discuss these other, indirect, ways in which bulk APIs could
contribute to Folio. Also, we'll check in again to see how people are
doing with their migration.

Hope you can make it.


Meeting link:
Password: folio-lsp