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It's pretty rare to be searching by address, I'd say.

Both use cases in the second question seem about equally important to
me, but again, both would come up pretty rarely I think.


On 3/1/17 8:55 AM, Cate Boerema wrote:
> Hello UM and RA SIG members,
> I have a question I think can probably easily be answered by email.  I'm looking for some use cases for searching users by Address.  As most of you know, we plan to support multiple addresses per user in FOLIO, each with an "address type" (ideally library-configurable).  Some specific questions:
> *         Is searching users by address common or pretty rare?
> *         Is it more important to be able to search within a specific address type (e.g. find all users with Berlin as the city of their home address) or across all address types (e.g. find a user with any address that contains "121 Maple Ave")?
> We have talked about how some address types are sensitive and will require special permissions to view and search.  For the purposes of this discussion, let's just assume the person doing the search has the necessary permissions.
> Thanks much!
> Cate
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