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Hi Khalilah et al.

Am 24.03.2020 um 13:53 schrieb Khalilah Gambrell:
> Hello all,
> The way local password management should work is that the user is
> sent a Create a password email. This part of the workflow was not
> implemented properly and thus folks were able to enter passwords on
> behalf of their users. Going forward we are going to support the
> proper workflow which is the user is sent a Create password email and
> is able to set his/her password. And this requirement also address
> Erin's use case. Lastly with this requirement, I also wrote that SSO
> and values currently in password fields should not be impacted by
> this change.
> Uschi were you planning to put patron passwords in FOLIO or just
> staff passwords?

we already talked about this in the UM SIG:
The libraries need to store patron passwords and staff passwords in
FOLIO, because

- many libraries don't have another system where user data is stored
- other libraries don't have access to another system where user data is
stored (no possibility to connect the systems)
- most of the libraries have external patrons (their data is not stored
in a possibly existing university system, but is exclusively maintained
- some libraries have patron users without e-mail address
- the password field is essential to set an (initial) password when a
patron visits the library for the first time and is then issued a
library card at the counter. The new patron should have the possibility
to use self service machines for his loans right then.

I remember that Björn also stressed the need for local storage of patron

Perhaps this could be a reasonable solution:
Enhancements in the settings of the Users App
1. a flag --> (not) store passwords locally in FOLIO
2. a flag --> (not) have a password field on the New-Patron-Screen.
3. the possiblity to predetermine the initial password, e.g. the birth
date (ttmmjj) or the last 4 digits of the library card number (=barcode)

Let's talk about it when UM SIG will meet again!

Viele Grüße

> Regards,
> Khalilah
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> Hi Uschi,
> Decoupling the username and password fields is a needed change, I
> think - I'm hoping it will allow those of us using single sign-on to
> put the username field in but not have to store a fake password when
> creating the user.
> I'm not finding a record though of why we were going to pull the
> create password box. I think Khalilah is in the bugfest stuff this
> morning, but I'm hoping she can let us know when she has a chance.
> Some of the user / password stuff in there right now came out of work
> I did to set up about 50 new staff users in our test instance -
> https://wiki.folio.org/display/FOLIOtips/Creating+Staff+Users+using+API+-+Edelweiss+Case+Study
>  -Erin
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> Hi all,
> I just saw that there is a new JIRA ticket
> https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://issues.folio.org/browse/UIU-1511__;!!OToaGQ!4Y3wFbTQfyUHipQdM0bK36L_stwTd5meCPFCenF1pFiiRqG_Yt-IctQVUqV6k5aN-A$
>  I wonder what the reason for the ticket might be. After my
> remembrance we had already talked about the fact that there are
> different reasons why it is useful or necessary for the counter staff
> to be able to set a password themselves when creating a user record:
> - test user - many GBV libraries do not have a separate data storage
> of their user data, i.e. no university management system. There, the
> user accounts are created directly in the local library system and,
> of course, an initial password is set. We also have a configuration
> option to set the date of birth as default password. - ...
> If there is no more possibility to enter a password in FOLIO, then
> there must be a corresponding configuration option in the settings
> instead.
> What do you think about this?
> Viele Grüße & stay healthy! Uschi
> Am 23.03.2020 um 20:40 schrieb Maura Byrne:
>> Hello, all.
>> Should we meet this Wednesday?  Do we have things we should
>> discuss?
>> -mcb
>> Maura Byrne
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