I want to share a draft list of FOLIO meetings at WOLFcon. I know that some institutions were waiting on the agenda; we wanted to get this out as soon as humanly possible so that folks could register, especially since the hotel will not hold the room block forever and we want to ensure that everyone is able to reserve a room.


There most likely will be very few changes to the sessions listed on the spreadsheet. These sessions were submitted by the community and vetted by the FOLIO planning committee for length of time, number of sessions per topic and relevance to the audience. Keep in mind that the planning committee was also limited by number of rooms and space per room, and wanted to ensure that all SIGs who requested meetings got some representation in addition to topics that would be of interest to our general community. Please send any comments on the sessions to Paula, who headed up the planning committee for our community. Also, HUGE thanks to the group for volunteering for this daunting task and for spending hours and hours (and more hours!) meeting and trying to make sense of all the submissions.


Next week, everyone who is registered will receive an email with a poll so that we can coordinate shuttles from Houston and Austin (and maybe College Station, too), and gauge interest for getting headshots and reserving time in the WOLF Den (a room set up for video interviews) to create video content for the Foundation’s projects.


Register for WOLFcon here


Reserve a room from our hotel block here





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