Just a reminder to have agenda ideas submitted by Monday, if possible.  At this point the planning group needs to know how many rooms we need, so please submit your session topic, approximate number of attendees, and if you think you’ll need Zoom.  You can firm up your agenda later.


Also, there is a new Slack channel for discussing FOLIO issues for the upcoming WOLFCon: # folio-wolfcon2020.


Paula Sullenger



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Subject: Call for FOLIO agenda items at WOLFCon - Due Nov 18


FOLIO colleagues,


We are taking suggestions for FOLIO agenda items at WOLFCon in January.  We are asking for both FOLIO plenary ideas and small group sessions, such as SIG F2F meetings.  If you think you might need to meet but aren’t sure, please submit the proposal anyway, we’ll ask for final decisions in December. 


Please submit FOLIO Plenary suggestions here


Please submit FOLIO meeting requests through this link


Thank you,

FOLIO WOLFCon planning team

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