Hello, all.


I have a question regarding the meeting on Wednesday, October 30.  Patty won’t be able to attend this week’s meeting.  We also have a topic that has come up in the Slack channel discussion.  Given the fact that our PO can’t be with us, should we discuss this on Wednesday and present Patty with our general points of view? Or should we wait until Patty attends the next meeting?


The topic has to do with creating new users in the Users app.  Someone has brought up the need to automatically generate the patron barcode number (which is a sequential number) when a staff member creates a user by hand.  The relevant part of the initial Slack request:


“to allow the BNCF go-live, @Cult  adopted a lot of workarounds to fit  in FOLIO the standard/mandatory BNCF's processes/workflows. One of this is the possibility to generate in automatic way the Barcode of the User (Patron), because at the moment is the professional  user that fill the barcode field.

“Now we need to integrate this automatism in FOLIO. Each time a professional user will create a new User, the barcode field must be already filled with the barcode, using our automatism.
The request is the following: we’ll develop the API to create and generate the barcode number, but can you integrate/call it in FOLIO?

“it's a very urgent request, because all other workarounds suggested to BNCF to do it external to FOLIO, don't match their requirements and needs.”


We should discuss this in the SIG, because there was a lot of developer attention in the Slack discussion.  Is this something we want?  Would it help or hinder us?  Should there be a user story for this?


The other open topics are ones that should have Patty present, so if we don’t want to take on this question this week, I believe we should cancel this week’s meeting.


Does anybody have any thoughts or opinions?


Maura Byrne

Integrated Library Systems

University of Chicago Library