Hello FOLIO community!


As of Monday, Chalmers is up and running on FOLIO!


Thank you all in the FOLIO community for all your hard work and effort over the last 3 (or more) years to make FOLIO real. You have volunteered your knowledge and experience of libraries, workflows and defined the key problems that needed to be solved in order to make FOLIO viable.   This first “go live” milestone is the result of all your hard work, and the entire community has participated in this achievement.


Chalmers University is actively fulfilling loans, requests, adding and updating users while maintaining physical inventory and maintaining e-resources with the following applications:


FOLIO applications running at Chalmers

FOLIO integrations to

Check in, Check out & Requests

EBSCO Holdings IQ






Bibliotheca selfcheck machines


The union catalog of Sweden


EBSCO Discovery Service










In return, this has provided the community valuable feedback for FOLIO which will make FOLIO substantially better for the next round of early adopters in the following areas:


I would also like to specifically call out and thank:

·        The FOLIO POs and UI designers who ensured that FOLIO features were prioritized, defined and ready for development and tested

·        The hours of testing from staff librarians from the community libraries and at Chalmers

·        Special thanks to Holly for her tireless efforts in helping organize priorities to get FOLIO into a usable state


I would also like to thank the community developers for helping to accelerate FOLIO feature development by:

·        Being active participants in the community with quality code

·        By adapting industry standard best practices 

·        For unblocking releases in a timely manner so that the release timeline was not impacted 

·        For being on call when needed to investigate and fix problems often going above and beyond in solving key performance, security and stability issues


I would also like to thank the PC for it’s hard work in providing oversight in community process, roadmap alignment and organization of SIG structures and governance to define the requirements critical for FOLIO and the community developers to build the features needed by the greater FOLIO community.


Everyone who worked on this project in big and small ways please take a moment and celebrate, you are a part of academic library automation history.


For a bit fun, Chalmers took some time this weekend and created this fun video https://chalmersuniversity.box.com/s/rhjyvoci0up40kxfcqgltccbm68wy4z2.


If I’ve missed anyone, please forward.


Thank you!