I’d like to bring https://issues.folio.org/browse/UIU-254 up for discussion.




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Subject: Proposed agenda for 9/25 meeting


Hello, all.


I’m taking a stab at getting an agenda set more than 24 hours in advance of our meeting on 9/25.


From the list of issues that have been in our meeting notes, I think we should have two basic topics:  Catching up on previous discussions and action items; and Discussion of setting a PIN for user records.


For the catching up, I think we could do:

1.       Search by specific fields – Erin was going to discuss requirements for this with the RA SIG, but if it hasn’t come up yet, we’ll discuss something else.

2.       Bulk user import – Patty was going to ask for info.

3.       Deleting user records – we need to write user stories.  Have they been written?


Then we can discuss PIN requirements for user records.


Does this agenda seem reasonable, or should we change some things? 


Maura Byrne

Integrated Library Systems

University of Chicago Library

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