Hi all,

Holly wrote yesterday that SIGs can invite the Capacity Planning Team to their meetings this week if they have any "questions about the Capacity Planning Team responses in columns F and G of the Summary of MVP Responses (or the Additional Changes to MVP spreadsheet tab in the same spreadsheet)".

If there's a need, we could do it.


Am 16.09.2019 um 22:02 schrieb Erin Nettifee:

Hi all,


Part of what we are supposed to be doing this week is flagging UXPRODs that didn’t make the CAP MVP plan for any feedback or discussion.


Patty – I didn’t really understand the comment on UXPROD-242. I’m not sure I could win an argument to get it into the CAP plan, but I’d like to understand the CAP Team response.


There are other users jiras that didn’t make the CAP plan, so you all should look at it if you haven’t already.



I also know that concerns were raised at the RA SIG today about Custom Fields being pulled out of the CAP plan (UXPROD-33).






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