Hi Erin,
The Service Points listed in a user record are the service points that the user can "log in to" as a staff person.  To indicate what location they are working at, which affects checkin/out, etc.

The concept of Home Library/Service Point has been discussed in the context of default request pickup point, but I don't know if it ever went anywhere.
I'll ask the PO for requests and let you know.

On Mon, Apr 22, 2019 at 4:34 PM Erin Nettifee <erin.nettifee@duke.edu> wrote:

Another question. We’re wanting to verify what in the User Record is functioning as the user’s home library or pickup location preference.


Is the intention that the Service Point listed on the user record be the equivalent of a user’s home library or pickup location? If so, should that imply that the Service Point needs to be a required field?


We have historically set a home library for everyone, even those without delivery privileges – since even if they don’t have delivery privileges, many patrons can still get themselves in line for a checked out item when it’s returned, and that value was used as part of the requesting process. It does not appear to be a required field right now.







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