Hi, Everyone.


I wanted to make you all aware of a Discuss post that I started, where we can begin discussing what kind of permissions we might want to restrict.  At Chicago, we’re looking specifically at not restricting very many permissions, because with OLE we had to assign more permissions to our staff than we usually would, and we suffered very few ill effects.  Also, at my last count there were somewhere in the neighborhood of 700 individual permissions, and more are added with each release, so working out the perfect stencil for each work unit would be a little crazy-making. 


I started the Discuss post to see what things we would want to restrict, generally speaking, and some people from the RA SIG have begun to add to it.  So I’m giving you the link in case you want to add to the discussion. 




Please feel free to take a look, and add to it if you’d like.


Maura Byrne

Integrated Library Systems

University of Chicago Library