I’ve communicated with several people from the FOLIO SC&A WG in the past week. There are basically two perspectives on the current state of play:


1.       Recognize that the WG has fulfilled its original charge and can stand down, at least until FOLIO development has moved beyond the core platform stage.

2.       Switch from weekly to (say) monthly calls, with interested WG members continuing to advocate for SC&A features through the SIGs that were identified in the August 2018 White Paper (


I’m working with Paula Sullenger to get the SC&A WG on the agenda for an upcoming PC call, and will report back on the substance of that discussion. For what it’s worth, here’s my take on where things stand:


Clearly, there is no consensus for keeping the WG going in its current form and and on its current schedule. That said, there is still interest among some of the WG members in promoting SC&A-specific development under the FOLIO aegis. I expect that those of us who are interested in working on SC&A issues with FOLIO will continue to do so in various ways, be it through the PC, the SIGs, or by reaching out collectively or individually to Index Data, Atlas Systems, Arkivum, Lyrasis, and so forth. The mechanism for sharing updates about this work is still TBD: it may be a pared-down or revamped version of the WG, or it may be a different forum entirely. For the time being, continue to monitor this channel—and feel free to contact me off-list.


Finally, thanks to everyone who has participated in the WG and its work so far. We actually got rather a lot done, especially in defining features and enhancements the community would like to see. The challenge now is to turn the wish-list into working applications.






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