Question about publisher data in GOKb Lola Estelle (03 Feb 2020 13:48 EST)
Antw: Question about publisher data in GOKb Daniel Rupp (05 Feb 2020 09:41 EST)

Antw: Question about publisher data in GOKb Daniel Rupp 05 Feb 2020 09:40 EST

Dear Lola Estelle,

thank you very much for your mail! We absolutely appreciate working
close together with publishers and are coming up with a concept to
integrate publishers closer in the GOKb workflow. Right now, we are
developing workflows and a new user interface that should be done in mid
2020. Then, we want to come back to you and find a way how we can import
SPIE data via a regular schedule into the GOKb.

Thank you for the hint regarding the "SPIE Proceedings Volumes"
package. The GOKb volunteer organisation FZ Jülich is managing the
import and has the current KBART file at hand. But because of the size
of the file, there has been an importing problem that resulted in the
single title. Currently we are working on a solution, so that soon the
whole title list should be uploaded in the package.

Thanks & best wishes

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>>> Lola Estelle <> schrieb am 03.02.2020 um 19:48 in

> Dear GOKb,
> Hello from SPIE Digital Library! I have a quick question about GOKb.
> It is my understanding that the data in GOKb is curated by
> however I see at that "the project also
accepts data
> feeds from providers." Just for our information, could you tell us
more about
> how we as a publisher could go about providing you with this data?
> I ask because I see three packages for Provider=SPIE at
> and while two of them are
> correct and up‑to‑date, one of them ("SPIE Proceedings Volumes") only
> one title when actually there are 11,000+ titles in that package.
SPIE could
> provide you with our updated KBART data once or even on a regular
basis, if
> receiving files from publishers directly is something that you
support. (This
> of course is not to take away from the great work that the volunteers
> (For even more context: since GOKb can be used as the kb in FOLIO,
which is
> something we support, we're interested in doing all we can to support
> projects.)
> Thanks so much!
> Lola Estelle, MLIS
> Digital Library Specialist
> SPIE<> ‑ the international society for optics and
> 1 360 685 5625
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