Johann and all,


I'm glad NISO reached out so quickly-- I just emailed Nettie and Oliver yesterday. Oliver and I worked on the charge for the working group (over a year ago), which as I'm sure you've seen includes prominent mention of GOKb. I'm on D2D and it was my oversight to not notice there was no GOKb representation on the WG's membership.


Perhaps you (or your designee) would be able to join their calls in the meantime, before we meet and designate someone officially? When I shared the workplan (which on Monday went out for approval with D2D so no longer being revised) with Kristen Wilson she noted a few issues, especially the importance of including management (ERM) use cases.  Their timeline shows the information gathering stage ends this October, so input from GOKb may be useful as soon as possible.







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    Hi all,


    we've got an invitation to participate in the NISO KBART Automation working group. I've answered Nettie that we will discuss this in our upcoming meeting and added it as a topic to the agenda.


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    > I’m so very sorry. I meant “GoKB” participation.  Please forgive my mistake.



    >      On Jul 18, 2017, at 4:26 PM, Nettie Lagace <> wrote:


    >      Dear Johann,


    >      I’m the Associate Director for Programs at NISO, the National

    > Information Standards Organization and the provider/publisher of KBART -

    > KnowledgeBases and Related Tools.  NISO has recently begun a new work

    > short-titled “KBART Automation.” More information is at

    > including a description

    > of the planned work

    > <

    > ork%20Item%20Proposal-

    > KBART%20Automation%20for%20VM%20approval.pdf> .


    >      Kristin Antelman at Caltech recommended that we contact you as a

    > representative of GoKB.  It would be very good if there were some GoKB

    > participation in this project.  The group meets on the second and fourth

    > Wednesdays of the month at noon Eastern US time and has had about half a

    > dozen meetings so far. I’m happy to answer any questions and I”m sure that

    > co-chairs Oliver Pesch (of EBSCO) and Stephanie Doellinger feel the same.


    >      Thank you for your consideration.

    >      Nettie

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