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From: <> On Behalf Of Sebastian Hierl
Sent: Wednesday, January 9, 2019 9:37 AM
Subject: Inquiry about GOKb


Dear Johann (if I may),


We are considering GOKb as a possible solution to manage our ever growing online resources and, in particular, to benefit from and ingest in our ILS, the ever growing number of scholarly journals and monographs published in open access. We would like to find a way to incorporate these selectively and in packages in our catalog and to maintaining the links in our records up to date.  


I was thinking that GOKb could provide an answer, but I am wondering how GOKb has been implemented—in a very practical manner, i.e. how is GOKb managed; would we have to host on a server locally; how would we ingest records in our ILS (Koha); how are URLs in the 856$u maintained (and accompanying notes in the 856$z); etc.  In a very practical manner, how could we implement GOKb today, what would it take?    


Perhaps more importantly, I am finding literature and posts about GOKb up to 2016, but not much since then and I am wondering where the project stands?  Would it make sense to invest staff time and training in GOKb?   


I am wondering whether we could discuss these questions and explore whether and how we could become involved?  We could discuss in German, but unfortunately, writing has become much easier for me in English than in German.

Hoping to hear from you and with many thanks in advance,


Sebastian Hierl


Sebastian Hierl, Ph.D.
Drue Heinz Librarian, Arthur & Janet C. Ross Library
American Academy in Rome
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