Sorry folks, this was supposed to go to our local University of Chicago FOLIO team. Please disregard.



From: Kristin Martin
Sent: Thursday, December 6, 2018 7:01 AM
Subject: Unranked FOLIO features need ranking and next week's meeting


Good morning!


There is another big chunk of features that need ranking:

The majority appear to fall into the Resource Access area, dealing with loans, notices, requests. Please add your rankings by the end of next week and I’ll input them into Jira. There appear to be some non-functional requirements on the list as well. I’ve indicated my suspicions in the notes fields that we can’t rank these, but if someone had more information/understanding and thinks we can and should rank, please provide that information.


Next week, I will be away at a FOLIO meeting in Sheffield, and will not be here for our Thursday Chicago FOLIO group meeting. If you have agenda items, please send them to Tod, Elisabeth, or Jim, who will be coordinating the meeting.






Kristin E. Martin

Director of Technical Services

The University of Chicago Library