Hi all,

As discussed on the call, I created a new workflows tab (Workflows v2) on the WOLFcon agenda Google Sheet

I took out all of the workflow examples that were not ranked on the call, ordered them by rank, and renamed them to reflect different combinations of order types and formats. I also added a column for concrete examples that can be worked from, and suggested examples that we could use. 

I tried to span a variety of formats and order types, but I know we won't have time to tackle everything, so I didn't try to be comprehensive. Please feel free to suggest additional or alternate combinations of order type + format, or of concrete examples that you think would be better to model from.



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Subject: [folio-rm-t] Agenda for Friday May 4

Hi folks,

We will meet on Friday, May 4, at the usual time, 8:30 ET. The agenda is here: https://wiki.folio.org/display/RM/2018-05-04+Meeting+notes

We have placed the draft schedule for WOLFcon here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1x5o1xy56Rd9zUepG1hHeCDgWw21x6an4T47nbgMJbwY/edit#gid=0

For Friday, we’ll be reviewing the suggested workflows for conversation at WOLFcon and also reviewing the draft schedule and suggested moderators.

Unfortunately, I’ll have to be late to the meeting. Kristen Wilson and Harry Kaplanian will kick off the discussion.

Talk to you soon!

Kristin E. Martin

Director of Technical Services

The University of Chicago Library

1100 E. 57th Street - JRL 170

Chicago, IL 60637



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