Dear RM SIG,


Thanks for the interesting discussion on how to approach a review of Jira feature tickets to make sure that we are working on the items we all absolutely need. As we noted on Friday, although we all agree that having the SIG spent time reviewing and understanding Jiras and the connection between Jiras and our discussions, exactly how we should go about doing this is tricky. I would ask for next week Friday that everyone do the following:

·         Look at the spreadsheet from capacity planning:

·         Focus on the areas under Resource Management

·         Is there a ticket that seems confusing to you? Are institutional rankings uneven or bifurcated? Is the institutional rank significantly different from the PO ranking? Does the ticket large and unsettled but you know we’ve had SIG discussions?


I would recommend setting aside a bit of time early in the week and start sharing questions directly in the spreadsheet or via this email list. We can use the questions to build our agenda for next Friday, and see how we like this process. If we do fine Jiras that need refinement, splitting or updating, we then share the revised features with the FOLIO implementers for them to review their rankings. To do this I would probably communicate with the implementation group.






Kristin E. Martin

Director of Technical Services

The University of Chicago Library