I’ve contacted Harrassowitz about the meeting. I’ll let you know once I get a response.






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I’m sorry for the late notice, but we will not be meeting tomorrow, May 17, 2019. In lieu of our meeting, I’d like to send out a few updates. I’ll also stick these in Slack.


1.       FOLIO Community Meeting in Crystal City. The draft schedule is available here. As a reminder, the deadline for the hotel is tomorrow, May 17.

2.       As part of the meeting, we have set aside time on Wednesday morning to invite knowledge base providers to come for a conversation about how knowledge base information can be integrated into FOLIO. We created some draft language to use as part of the invitation. Sarah Colglazier reached out to Christine Stohn at Ex Libris (SFX), who said she is considering. Eric Hartnett said he would reach out to Harrassowitz, and Virginia Martin said she would reach out to Jane Burke (360 suite, aka Serials Solutions). Getting an update on this would be great.

3.       If your institution participated in the gap analysis, you should be submitting your final rankings for any unranked issues or questions that Holly Mistlebauer may have sent your way. Check with your Product Council representative if you have questions on this.

4.       The Product Council also reviewed priorities for major functional areas where work hasn’t yet started, also called Epics. Expect to hear more about the FOLIO priorities after the gap analysis review is complete. There may be some opportunities to do some visioning and brainstorming on how to position FOLIO for the future.

5.       The ERM Subgroup worked on mock-ups for connecting purchase orders (and thus financial information/acquisitions) to Agreement lines, as well as ways to display license data. The App Interaction subgroup will continue in this vein.

6.       The Acquisitions Small Group continues to work on invoices and the connections to vouchers. With the gap analysis review and Bugfest taking up a lot of time, Dennis was not quite ready to show things.




Kristin E. Martin

Director of Technical Services

The University of Chicago Library




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