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11th April FOLIO ERM Sub-SIG Meeting Owen Stephens 29 Mar 2018 15:35 EDT

Hi all

In the first ERM call we’d like to talk about the following topics:

* First priorities from the overall lifecycle (see
* How different types of eresources differ from each other in terms of setup and ongoing management (e.g. packages like JSTOR Arts & Sciences I vs subscribing to Nature titles vs ‘big deal’ agreements etc.)

Questions to think about in advance of the session:
1) If you were implementing a new ERM in the next year, where would you want to start with the process? For example, would you want to start in January setting up all resources as if for the first time? Or would you want to bring in all your existing data of subscriptions/packages/titles/etc. as the starting point and then go through a ‘renewal’ process in the system?
2) What would be the first thing you’d like us to be able to show you in the new Folio ERM functionality?
3) Do you manage different eresource packages in different ways, and if so what are the key aspects of different eresource packages that mean you manage them in a different way? (for example, do you treat JSTOR Arts and Sciences I differently to the Elsevier Freedom Collection, and if so - how?). The types of information we’ll want to discuss include:
* The processes when you first select the resource including trials and negotiation
* The process of setting up the resource in your systems once you have decided to purchase or subscribe
* Anything special or different about managing the resource once you have purchased/subscribed
* Anything special or different about what happens if/when your current agreement finishes (renewal/ongoing access under license/post-cancellation access agreements)

We’d also like to gather real world examples of eresources you are currently managing, and especially look at different types that require different workflows or management. Please bring to the meeting a list of 3-4 examples of different types of eresources - these could be individual items (an ebook, a single journal, a database), or packages of items - and be ready to tell us about the process on managing these resources in some detail. We won’t have a chance to talk about all of them in the meeting, but we will want to gather these examples together after the call and some notes on how they differ in terms of how you manage them.

Feel free to collaborate with the other people in your institution on this - 3-4 examples per institution is fine :)

To make it easier for you to tell us about the resources, describe how you manage them, and share that description with us, I’d suggest that if possible you write a short list of the processes which you have to go through when acquiring, managing and renewing/cancelling the resources which you can share with us after the session.

Best wishes and speak to you on the 11th April