Hi all,

I promised to send out three different emails in today’s meeting, but instead you’re getting one email with three sections.

GDPR and check in (response requested)

Colleges in the US who anonymize loans at when they’re checked in can tie the anonymization to the end of the check in session, instead of doing it for each individual item as it’s scanned. Reasoning:

·         Anonymizing items as they’re being checked in makes check in performance slower, so we’d need to devote additional development time to bringing check in back to an acceptable speed

·         Check in screen provides a link to patron details anyway, so information about which patron had the item loaned is still available until the user ends the session

·         Check in receipts that are sent out at the end of the session, rather than for individual items, also rely knowledge of which patrons had which items being available until the end of the session

Since our discussion didn’t have many representatives from schools that need to be compliant with GDPR, I’d like to use this email to ask those schools if anonymizing loans when the check in session ends, not as they’re being checked in, is acceptable. Please email me either with concerns or to confirm that that’s OK – I’d like to move this feature forward.


Feature ranking

If you haven’t reviewed the features discussed at our 7/8 meeting yet (see below, including UXPROD-1590, items fulfilling staff processes, which was discussed today), please do so.


Item state: Availability, Needed for, Process

If you’d like an introduction (or re-introduction) to how we’re thinking about item state, I’d recommend taking a look at the following:

·         2018 FOLIO Forum presentation, “What’s New In Resource Access” – about 5 minutes in, I start talking about item state

·         Slides with definitions and example





From: Emma Boettcher
Sent: Monday, July 8, 2019 11:43 AM
To: folio-ra@ole-lists.openlibraryfoundation.org
Subject: Features to rank from 7/8 meeting


Hi all,

Thank you for a productive discussion today. Action is needed on the following items:


Revise ranking: UXPROD-1245, one-time escalation of a user’s permissions

·         After our discussion, I renamed this because I think the original title (Permissions Overrides) may have led to the incorrect ranking

Revise ranking: UXPROD-447, retain loan and item information for closed loans with fines/fees

·         From our discussion and from other contributions, it sounds like there may be two ways to fill this need:

o   Duplicate required loan and item information on the fine, and anonymize the loan, or

o   Link fine to loan, and do not anonymize loan until some point after fine has been paid (regardless of whether institution anonymizes other loans)

New ranking: UXPROD-1853, scrub loan and item information from fine

·         Split from UXPROD-447

Revise ranking: UXPROD-1530, items needed for staff workflow needs (AKA “Needed for” in item states)

Revise ranking: UXPROD-1590, items fulfilling staff workflow needs (AKA “Process” in item states)

Revise ranking: UXPROD-266, error messages for patrons

·         Split (custom error messages now in UXPROD-1855)

New ranking: UXPROD-1855, error message customization


If you have questions about these features, please let me know.