Course Reserves Subgroup and any other interested parties,

FLO, with support from Index Data has decided to proceed with development of the Courses App UXPROD-791.  By committing resources outside of the capacity plan to this project, we would like to begin development this summer with a goal of go-live in the summer of 2020.

As I first step, I have taken on the PO role for Courses, and reviewed the Courses Epic with Cate and Anya.  

Since it's been a little over year since the Courses Sub-group drafted the documents, the next step would be to reconvene the Sub-group and establish a meeting time as soon as possible.  We would like to review the Epic,  just to insure we're still on the right track and that nothing new has emerged that would significantly alter development.  A meeting would also be a good opportunity to discuss FLO's and Index Data's process for moving forward.

If you, or a representative from your institution is interested in attending please respond or contact me by Monday morning, July 15, so that I may send a meeting poll next week.

Kelly Drake
Project Manager