Hi all,

Thank you for a productive discussion today. Action is needed on the following items:


Revise ranking: UXPROD-1245, one-time escalation of a user’s permissions

·         After our discussion, I renamed this because I think the original title (Permissions Overrides) may have led to the incorrect ranking

Revise ranking: UXPROD-447, retain loan and item information for closed loans with fines/fees

·         From our discussion and from other contributions, it sounds like there may be two ways to fill this need:

o   Duplicate required loan and item information on the fine, and anonymize the loan, or

o   Link fine to loan, and do not anonymize loan until some point after fine has been paid (regardless of whether institution anonymizes other loans)

New ranking: UXPROD-1853, scrub loan and item information from fine

·         Split from UXPROD-447

Revise ranking: UXPROD-1530, items needed for staff workflow needs (AKA “Needed for” in item states)

Revise ranking: UXPROD-1590, items fulfilling staff workflow needs (AKA “Process” in item states)

Revise ranking: UXPROD-266, error messages for patrons

·         Split (custom error messages now in UXPROD-1855)

New ranking: UXPROD-1855, error message customization


If you have questions about these features, please let me know.