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I've been using Python's uuid.uuid4() function.  It works fine for generating a random uuid for a new record you're creating in a FOLIO module.



On 4/2/19 1:35 PM, Tod Olson wrote:

Hi Zeno,


For Python, I would start here:



On Apr 2, 2019, at 12:31 PM, Ingolf Kuss <> wrote:


Hi Zeno,



In Java, UUID is generated like this:

String idString = UUID.randomUUID().toString();

where Class UUID is imported from here:

import java.util.UUID;


Don't know what this translates to in Python






>>> Zeno Tajoli <> 02.04.2019 19:21 >>>

Hi to all,


to import data into Folio using FolioConsoleApplication

[] I need to prepare the correct .json



For me it is not clear how to insert a correct value into 'uuid' columns.

How can I calculate uuid values ?


I see that in


the relevant python code is:


import MySQLdb

import uuid

from datetime import datetime


def process_bib(db, bib_row):

    bib_uuid = uuid.uuid4()


In uuid library doc page

I see:


This module provides immutable UUID objects (the UUID class) and the

functions uuid1(), uuid3(), uuid4(), uuid5() for generating version 1,

3, 4, and 5 UUIDs as specified in RFC 4122.


If all you want is a unique ID, you should probably call uuid1() or

uuid4(). Note that uuid1() may compromise privacy since it creates a

UUID containing the computer’s network address. uuid4() creates a random





     Generate a random UUID.


So, do we create UUID in FOLIO with 'uuid.uuid4' or similar functions in

others languages?



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