I'll talk about this from the viewpoint of a MARC Bibliographic record, which may be represented by a MARC Bib in Source Record Storage, an Inventory Instance, and a MARC Bib in MARCcat.


Those will have 3 separate UUIDs: for the Instance, the SRS MARC Bib, and the MARCcat MARC Bib.


When a MARC Bib record is being added to FOLIO (either via Data Import into SRS or via MARCcat), a UUID will be assigned. Then when it synchronizes to the other MARC app (SRS or MARCcat) and Inventory, the other 2 UUIDs will be assigned. All 3 UUIDs will be stored in the MARC records in SRS and MARCcat, and will be accessible by the Instance.


When a MARC bib record or Inventory Instance is being updated by imported data, then the incoming data will need to reference the existing UUIDs, or some other type of data (e.g. HRIDs or other identifiers) that will allow FOLIO to find the proper UUID and make the appropriate changes on that existing record.


Does that help?




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Hi to all,


to import data into Folio using FolioConsoleApplication [https://github.com/jemiller0/Folio] I need to prepare the correct .json files.


For me it is not clear how to insert a correct value into 'uuid' columns.

How can I calculate uuid values ?


I see that in


the relevant python code is:


import MySQLdb

import uuid

from datetime import datetime


def process_bib(db, bib_row):

        bib_uuid = uuid.uuid4()


In uuid library doc page


I see:


This module provides immutable UUID objects (the UUID class) and the functions uuid1(), uuid3(), uuid4(), uuid5() for generating version 1, 3, 4, and 5 UUIDs as specified in RFC 4122.


If all you want is a unique ID, you should probably call uuid1() or uuid4(). Note that uuid1() may compromise privacy since it creates a UUID containing the computer’s network address. uuid4() creates a random UUID.




     Generate a random UUID.


So, do we create UUID in FOLIO with 'uuid.uuid4' or similar functions in others languages?



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